A Waggle Wear Fashion Show

by adorabellesworld

Today was a such a rainy day, we didn’t get to do much. So mom cleaned the house, and then I heard her saying something about taking pictures of “the dogs” wearing Miss Cathy’s T-shirts. The ones that she made for Stoli , Marteenie, and Bonzai , and gave to mom when mom and her met for dinner that one night. But moms camera has been actiong funny lately, so she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. But then she didn’t feel like cleaning anymore, so she decided to set up the stage, and have one of her photo shoots. But this time, for some reason, she decided to just put Stoli and Marteenie up on the stage. Then when I saw her put Bonzai up there, well that just ticked me off. I was not having that, at all!!! I cried and made sucha fuss. But mom said that I was too wet from being out in the rain, that she said we could do it another time with me. But I wouldn’t give in. So mom finally caved. I showed her that I could look just as pretty with wet hair, in Marteenies shirt, AND Bonzai’s bandana that Miss Cathy made, no matter how much I wasn’t ready for it, and no matter how fuzzy the pics came out from moms crappy camera. As you can see for yourself, I DO make the best model.  

Stoli and MarteenieStoliBonzai

Seeeeeeeeeee...I don't even have to be wearing a thing and I look cute:P

I do look cute , huh?

 If you like anything you see that we are wearing, you can buy them at http://www.facebook.com/#!/WaggleWear?sk=app_219278574761615 and there are lot’s more material to choose from.  Miss Cathy will custom make you a scarf, t-shirt, or PJs, in no time at all. She is a Ninja when it comes to making her stuff. We just LOVE em!!!