Needle in my Hiney

by adorabellesworld

I guess that my title say’s it all:) You can watch the video to see see what my day was like. But before this, I had a nice afternoon with mom. We went riding, and met some nice people. We didn’t ride too long, because we had an appointment:(

Other than losing the new video that I spent a gazzillion hours working on, the day was pretty good. I come to find out that when my computer tells me to upgrade something, DON’T!!! Ever since I upgraded to the new version of movie maker, a few months ago, I have lost 2 movies that I worked on for the summer, not including the one I spent several hours on , early this morning. You can tell by the quality of this video , the new movie maker SUCKs!! It doesn’t let me cut a picture short. If you don’t constantly hit the save button, and the movie maker decides to just SHUT DOWN, your screwed!!! This is very frustrating. But I am keeping my cool, and hoping that with time, and making these little video blogs, every now and then. Sooner or later I may learn how the freaking thing WORKS!!