A daily diary of Adorabelle, a 7 year old Hairless dog riding in her basket on her mom's bike, for United Against Puppy Mills, and to spread awareness. Reminding people not to buy their puppies in a pet store or on line fancy website,

I’m Baaaack …take #2


I’m baaaaaaaack!!!!

BUSTED……well, almost!!!

At least it didn’t rain, today. But we couldn’t go for a long walk, because there are so many bugs out. We get eaten alive out there! We couldn’t go bike riding, because the ground was still a little wet, and the leaves on the ground from the storm makes for a dangerous ride:( So I stayed home and got a bath! It felt good. Because I had a really bad hair day today. SO bad, that a police officer tried to arrest me. Can you imagine that? But I just gave him that LOOK. You know the one I give to mom when I do something wrong? THAT one! It works, every time;)

I spent the rest of the afternoon napping. Then I started working on my big project. For those of you who don’t know. I have something planned to try to get more people on board of our awareness campaign. Let’s just say that I’m keeping my paws crossed. Because this is about all that I have left in this thinking cap of mine. SO, in case any of you were thinking of what you can get me for Christmas. A new thinking cap would be very appreciated:)

I was thinking about posting this new ‘project’ on the fanpage, any day now. I’m just a little nervous:( But I have a hint for you, and I will post it on the fanpage. Just to keep you guessing;)

OK….that’s all I have for you tonight. I should have saved the name of last nights blog, for this one!! Oh well……

A short blog is better than none?

Who know’s? I was told that I should blog, and be consistent, so here I am! I respect the person who suggested that I do this, and hope that it will help us in the end. I am trying to do a daily diary. But there are some days’ (like today) when I don’t leave the house, where it becomes a chore to find something interesting to talk to you about. SO, I figure on day’s like today, a short blog is better than none? You tell me! You can be honest on your comments. I can take it:P

OK…so, today. Leeeeeet’s seeeeeee. What happened? Welllllll, since we got the new AC put in last night, we all slept in, until NIIIIINE THIRTY!!! THAT is a record for my mom, AND for me! But it was so cold in the room, and it felt like a walk-in box at a restaurant. So none of us wanted to get out of the warm bed. BTW…we have a king size heated water-bed. Which is a good thing! We need the room! With all of us fur, and fur-lesskids, it can get quite crowded in even a queen sized bed. I know this, because that’s what the 5 of us slept on at my Aunts house, when we left for shelter from the hurricane. It was a bit tight. But we did just fine:)

 Ohhhhh!!! Now that’s something I can talk about. My sister, Stoli. You know. She is one of the two dogs that mom adopted this past Mother’s Day. Well, she had been working with a trainer with Stoli, because she has dog “aggression issues”. Not mom,  Stoli.  It’s really weird , too. Because when she came into our house, she loved all of us. She never once yelled at us, as she does other dogs. But the trainer told my mom that she was doing very good with her, and that she didn’t see the point in having anymore lessons. So mom has just been working with her by herself. When we went to my aunt’s house, mom knew that there might be trouble. Because they have a really sweet dog  (and my cousin), whose name is Oofata Mae. My uncle comes from Minnesota, and that is an expression that they use a lot out there. So that is the name they picked for their puppy, when they got her from the breeder in Minnesota on one of their family vacations, 6 years ago. We call her Mae for short. She is a sweet yellow lab, that is scared of her own shadow. I think that I can even take her, if I had to. But I love her:)

 OK….so when we got to my aunt’s house , we all got out of the car. My cousins all came and helped my mom carry us in the house. Mae was on the side of the house. My mom took Stoli outside from the house,  on the leash,  and tried to introduce her. But all of the training that my mom did with her, seemed to mean nothing to Stoli. Although she wasn’t half as bad as she was when mom first started her training. She still was pretty bad. This was the first time that my aunt and uncle met our 2 new family members. My uncle came around the house and Stoli was screaming and carrying on, and my mom looked at him and said ” SHE IS DOING REALLLY GOOD. MUUUUCH BETTER THAN WHEN I FIRST GOT HER” My uncle looked at my mom like she had 3 heads. But that is normal. A lot of people look at mom that way. But my uncle took the leash from my moms hand, and said, “give me her”. Stoli looked at my mom, as he took her around the other side of the house, and she kept turning back and looking for my mom. Mom looked so sad. But she stood and watched from a distance,  as my uncle introduce Stoli in a different way. From bringing her in from the front of the house, near our car, to the dog (Mae), who was chained outside.  We all watched, and in a matter of minutes, my Uncles had them nose-to-nose, and not a peep from Stoli. My mom almost cried, and called my uncle some kind of dog whisperer. I think it was a ” f***ing dog whisperer”. But I can’t be sure. I’ll have to get back at ya with that one. But from that moment on, for the next 4 days, everyone was like one big happy family:) 

OK…that is my short blog. I will add some pics of our time at my aunts, so you can see Stoli and Mae together. You will also see pics of our ride up to the moutains to escape the hurricane. I took the pics, so there not the best It’s pretty hard to click that little thing on the top of the camera, when you don’t have any fingers:)

The End:P

Heyyyyyyy….this really isn’t a short blog after all, is it?!

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What a day….

It rained all day today, so no walks for us. Forget about the bike! Looks like we might get a ride in on the weekend, if we are lucky. But the weather doesn’t look too promising for the whole week. I hate to say it, but summer is over. waaahhhhh:(

Mom took me shopping with her today. We went to the pet store and got food and toys. There weren’t many people in there, so I only was admired by a few shoppers . That’s OK. Sometimes it’s nice to go in the store and not have people running up to me, as if I was some sort of star. I know how  Copernicus must have felt!!

Then we went to Sears, because mom wanted to get an air conditioner. Being that it’s the end of the season, she wasn’t sure that she could find any. We went up stairs and saw that they had a display. Mom stopped and looked at the measurements on the box, and B-I-N-G-O! It was just what she wanted. So she stood in line, while the little man (only register around) explained to the little old woman how her new washer was going to be delivered. Mom knew that it sounded like it was going to take long, so we wandered over to the TV section, because she wants to buy one for a gift for someone. B-I-N-G-O,  She saw the perfect one!! So we went looking for someone in that department to help us. But we couldn’t find anyone. Mom yelled ” Does anybody work in this store”, and all I heard were crickets. They really need to get an exterminator in that store! Anyway, mom gave up and walked back over to the little old man , who was STILL talking with the old lady. But now he was telling her about his (sump pump?) and how he was happy that he had that for the last storm, blah blah blah. Mom stood there with a look on her face that I never saw before, and I think her head spun around once, but I can’t be 100% sure, because I had to go potty. When I have to go potty, I have a tendency to hallucinate. Anyway, the old guy could sense that my mom was irritated and he said ” I’m going to be busy here for a while, you better go find another sales person.” Well, my mom had a phone in her hand that she was about to purchase, with her AIR Conditioner, AND , TV!!  Had someone waited on her!!! but instead she threw the phone on a very short bed that was in the isle (It was a good thing that the little old man ducked (joking!!! Mom would never throw something at anyone) , and we left the store. If I didn’t have to go potty, she would have spoke to the store manager. But I was letting out some very disgusting odor from my butt ( mental note….no more Milo’s Kitchen, Chicken Meatballs, for me) and my mom was afraid that people were going to think that it was her, so we left.

So after that, mom needed to relax, so she went to the tanning salon, so she could lay in that silly bed with all of the pretty lights. 10 minutes in that thing, she was a new woman. We left all happy and decided to stop on by the Home depot to see if they had any air conditioners. So we get a basket, and pick up a few things, then we went searching for the AC’s. A young woman stopped my mom and offered her a coupon that she wasn’t going to use, for 10% off of anything in the store. It was a Lawes coupon, but she told my mom that they honor them at Home Depot. My mom thanked the young lady and was very surprised! Because for years my mom always gives people coupons, and never ONCE did anyone ever offer her one. This was a good sign, or so we thought.

 We found only 2 in boxes of Air conditioners in the back. Mom asked a man if these were the only AC’s in the store, and he went to get another man to help her. The other man came out from the back. A nice gentleman. Wearing jeans and a white shirt. He said, “yes, these are the last ones in the store”. They were  on sale for $199.00, but he  said ” I will give you another $50.00 off  if you want them”. My mom was very surprised. Because she thought that they were a bargain for the $199! PLUS she had her coupon!!! So, my mom had him open the box and measure it, and then she found out it was a perfect size, so she told him that she would take the one. He taped it back up and placed it in her basket. He said that ” I will walk with you to the front to make sure that you get another $50.00 off”. They chatted on the way to the front, and when we got to the register the man told the floor manager in the front that ” I want you to take off another $50.00 off of this AC”. The man said, ” NO, why would I do that?”  He said, ” Because I said so”. The other guy said ” well I don’t even have a register, so you will have to find someone else”. He continued to walk us to the next line, where a little old man was at the register. The little old man smiled at my mom, and then the man who was with us told him that he was to take $50.00 more off of the sale price. The old man said ” NO, I am not going to do that”. The man who was with us said, ” YES, you are going to do that”, and the old register man said ” WHY would I do that”, and the man who was with us said ” Because I said so, and because it’s good customer relations”. The old man proceeded to take the $50.00 off, and then the man who walked with us told us to have a nice day. When he walked away, the little old man at the register said ” who was that guy?”, and mom said ” How do I know!  He works in the back” and mom looked at the old man and said, ” OH, I almost forgot, I have this 10% coupon.” Well, the little old register man could not get the coupon to work, and he got all frustrated and shut off his light and told other people to pick another line because he was going to be awhile with this one, and he left me and mom standing there. A few minutes passed, and he returned with a manager. The manager looked at my mom and looked at the coupon and said ” It’s not working, because you are trying to double dip us”. Wellllllll, if my mom’s head didn’t spin around in Sears, I KNOW I saw it spin around that moment when he said THAT!!! My mom had a few choice words with the two men at the register, and they knew that she was mad. 

The story ends with mom and I walking out the store with the air conditioner, WITH the $50.00 off of the $199.00, PLUS the 10% coupon.  My mom told me that she will never go into Sears or Home Depot again. She seemed pretty serious. I heard her on the phone with some manager at Sears when we got home, and I think that she was going to speak with the manager at Home Depot to tell him her disappointment at the way that they treated her at the register. But when telling her story about Home Depot to someone, they suggested that maybe the guy who brought mom to the register to take the extra $50.00 off, didn’t even work there! They said that maybe she should just leave well enough alone. But mom didn’t believe that. She said, what would some stranger get from doing something like that?! Why would they do that??!!! The person looked at my mom and said ” because it’s YOU. These things can ony happen to YOU”. But my mom was not buying that. Yes, weird crap always is happening to her. But this was just waaaaaay too weird!!!

Who WAS that man with the white hair and glasses at home depot?………….. Maybe it was Santa:)

First an earthquake, now Hurricane Irene!!!

I’m sorry that my blog is late. My day was not very exciting anyway. Mom was running errands all day. Getting prepared for the big storm. It was a crazy week, now it looks as if we are in for an even more crazy weekend. We are smack in the path of Hurricane Irene. It’s a  category 3 hurricane.  But when it hits us, it will be downgraded to a category 2 storm. Still a powerful storm. A Category 2 storm carries winds of 96 to 110 mph. I’m not a fan of wind, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to start learning to use these pee pads that mom has been telling me about. Because I won’t be going out in 100 mile hour winds, or I might blow away!!! I’m not sure if I can use a pee pad. I never went in the house before:( Oh well….It looks like we are in for a loooong weekend!

Mom is already planning an escape route. We are going to see how things look in the morning. If it still looks bad, we are going to have to pack up and go North for a few days. Mom doesn’t want to leave, but she is told that if they come and force her out, and do a mandatory evacuation, then she would have to leave us behind. If you don’t know my mom by now, she will NEVER let that happen. I’m glad, because I don’t want to be here without her. We would be traumatized if she left us:(

Well, I don’t have any pretty pics to share, because my computer is flaking out on me tonight. If you don’t hear from me for awhile, you know why. Be well everyone<3


Another stellar night for awareness!!!

It was a nice night for a bike ride, and being that summer is winding down, we have to get out there , as much as possible! It was concert night on the beach, and as you know , we like to hit places that have a lot of people around. So we rode for a while, until we came upon the beach with the stage. There are 3 parking lots that people use to go to the concert. When one fills up, the police direct them to the next. So we always take a ride around each parking lot, in hopes to get people’s attention. This was a great night for that! We got stopped by so many people, that mom didn’t have a chance to get any pictures. It was like the last time. She is so busy making sure that nobody takes a pic with her in it, that she doesn’t get a chance to get any , herself. But boy did they take pictures tonight! There were a bunch of women who just fell in love with me. They were just loving me so much, that the one blonde lady wanted to take me home with her. She seemed like a really nice lady, and I’m sure that she would have spoiled me to death! But I can’t leave my mom. I would break her heart! There was another little girl who wanted me tonight, too! She told her mom ” I want her!”, and my mom just laughed it off. But then the little girl said (really mean like) ” I WANT HER MOM”. Then her mother said , I don’t think Adorabelles mom will give her to you. But the little girl got even more angry. The mother then told my mom, ” She always’ get’s whatever she wants. She is not used to, NOT getting what she wants”. Mom said ” well she’s gonna start to get used to it tonight”! Then the lady gave mom a really mean look and grabbed her daughters arm, and walked away. Do you think that the woman actually thought that mom was going to hand me over to her daughter?! What is wrong with people?!

Then we rode up to the entrance to the concert and mom got off of our bike and stood there. When people looked interested, she would hand her one of my cards, and give them a little FYI, about me. A man walked by and said ” Those are some nice headlights, lady”. Mom looked at him and said ” Wow….now that was a  rude” ( You see, mom has to be nice. She has to be careful because we are representing UAPM), anyway the guy came back and walked over to my mom and said ” I was talking about your dogs goggles, and he winked at her. Mom felt a little foolish, and that’s when she decided to put on her little jacket, and call it a night. We will never know what he really meant by that:)

We didn’t get many good pics tonight, so I only have a few. You can see that I had to wear a shirt that mom had in the basket tonight, because it was very windy, and mom didn’t want me to get a chill. You can also see that mom has got to get a new camera, SOON! This one has seen better days!!

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A turtle and a monster

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny, 79, no humidity, and just the best biking weather, ever!! So that’s exactly what mom and I did! We biked…all day!!! We met some really nice people, who we stopped to talk to. Mom can sense who seems approachable, and she will also stop for the people who carry on about how cute I look, too:) There was a really nice family taking a bike ride , and we stopped to see them because they looked interested in meeting, me! We all had a nice talk, and mom reminded them what puppy mills were all about, and she even told them some things that I don’t think that they were aware of. I was happy to find out that they got their dogs from a breeder:)

BTW…I want everyone to know that I don’t care if people bought their dogs from a pet store in the past. I don’t even care if they bought one last week from a pet store, if they didn’t know any better. We can’t blame them, if they didn’t know about puppy mills. I know that a lot of people have heard about them, but never really were interested enough to find out about them. Not because they don’t care. But because they don’t have time, or they are just so wrapped up with their own life, that they just don’t think about it.

I digress. Anyway,  after we spoke with this nice family, we finished our ride by going 10 more miles into the woods. It was such a pretty day, we were surprised that we didn’t see one person riding that back wooded trail. Even though it’s a beautiful ride, it gets scary sometimes when your alone. So mom just turns her ipod up. That seems to fix her. If she doesn’t hear the weird noises, she’s cool. But she forgets that ‘I’m’ still hearing all of the weird scary noises in the woods, and I have to keep looking back at her to see if she is still with me. Just in case the monsters steal her off of the bike and replace her with one of their kind. On our way back , we stopped on this really cool bridge, in the middle of the woods, because there was a turtle walking by. It looked like the same one that we saw that other time. Remember? The one that mom thought was the same one that she saved last year from the middle of a busy street? Well, it sure looked like it. But we were miles and miles from the other park, that it just couldn’t be the same turtle! I tried to tell mom to just get on the bike so we can get out of this scary woods, but she got off of her bike and took some pics of the Turtle. While she was taking pics of the turtle, she had the bike leaning up against the Bridge, and the thing fell down, with ME IN IT!!! Good think I was harnessed in!! So now I was on the bridge, in the middle of the woods, and my basket was off of the bike, and everything that was in the basket was all over the bridge!! So mom had to hurry and gather everything up, and put it in the basket, and try to get the basket attached to the bike, before the monsters came to eat us. I had to stand on the bridge with the turtle, until she got the basket back on the bike. I was not happy!  Mom said that she would never do that again!! Stop to take a pic of a turtle in the middle of nowhere, that is! But everything worked out in the end. We had a nice ride, mom got her pic, and me and mom didn’t get eaten by any monsters:)

 When we got back to the car, mom received several phone calls asking if she was OK. Nobody was surprised to hear that mom was clueless that there was an earthquake in the area, when they talked to her. They told her that phones were down, and Ragu sauce fell off the grocery store shelves, by her sisters. Her nieces pot of boiling water shook to the floor, and several people back in my city felt their chairs shaking in their homes etc. HEYYYYYY, maybe that’s why I fell on the bridge. Maybe it wasn’t because mom was careless. The earthquake must have did it!! I feel much better now. Mom would NEVER put me in a dangerous situation like that! I should have known:)


I want to make you smile:):):)

My day started out rather slow. Mom gave all of us baths, and then she took Stoli for her walk, and then came back and got me to go for a ride on the bike. We only went 15 miles today, because mom had other things to do. We did meet up with a nice young girl and her mom. They LOVED my goggles and thought that I was the cutest thing ever! The girls mom said that not much makes her speechless, but looking at me, did. She bent down and gave me a kiss, and my mom handed the young girl a card. She told them about my mission, and about the fanpage, and the young girl said that she would look me up.We met up with some other nice people, who we handed cards to. Everyone took pics of me, and walked off smiling. Mom likes that I have the ability to make a person with a sour face, all of a sudden light up, when they see me. I guess I am pretty cute:)

So, I said that I wanted to make you smile, and that’s what I’m here to do. I saw this video in my feed today, and although it has nothing to do with puppy mills, or dogs for that matter, it does have something to do about an animals freedom. I hope that you like it, and I hope that it makes you smile:)

It’s still summer, ya know!!!

I was very mad today. I saw another dog left in a car. But the owners came out, right in time. Mom was going to call the police on them. She does that whenever she sees a dog in a car on a hot day. No matter if it looks like the dog is in distress , or not!  She won’t wait for it to get to that point. If it’s too hot for her to sit in the car for a few minutes without AC on, then it’s too hot for a dog. Hey…I’m a hairless dog, and by the time that mom puts me in the car, and walks to the other side to get in, I will be panting. And she even reaches over me to start the car and turn the AC on, after she buckles me in, before she even gets in it herself!!! So just imagine how my friends with fur feel!! Mom and I just don’t understand how people can do this to their dogs. We realize that a lot of people really DO love their dogs so much that they want them with them all the time!! Heck, mom feels the same way!! But they need to know the harm that they are doing to these precious creatures that they love so much! I think before every potential dog owner gets a dog, they need to educate themselves. Yeahhhh, like THAT is ever going to be a law. Let’s face it. There are humans who don’t even know how to take care of their kids! But  there is no law keeping them from pumping more of them out! 

 Heck, we met a woman on one of our walks last week who just got her very first dog, and asked mom what she should feed it!!! I was very scared. I thought that my mom’s head was going to POP right off!!! She asked how long she had the dog. The woman said 3 weeks. My mom asked her what she was feeding it. She said Pop Tarts. My mom said  ” are you %@#@#@ kidding me lady?!!! Mom said ” get you’re a** in the car now and go to PETCO, or PETSMART (which are 5 minutes away) and get your dog some dog food!! BTW…the dog was a German Shepard…living on POP TARTS for the past 3 weeks!!! ughhh…people!!!



 Anyway, after we came home I thought about all of the poor dogs that suffer, get brain damage, and die from being left in hot cars , and I got very upset. So I called my friend, Officer Larry, and I asked him if he would make a public announcement on my behalf, and this is what he did for me: