A daily diary of Adorabelle, a 7 year old Hairless dog riding in her basket on her mom's bike, for United Against Puppy Mills, and to spread awareness. Reminding people not to buy their puppies in a pet store or on line fancy website,

What a pig!!!

Today was a hot day, again! I didn’t get a bike ride in, because mom hurt her back. She should be good for a ride tomorrow night, if it doesn’t rain. So instead of riding, we went for a little walk , and much to our surprise, we saw a pig! A really sad one. The neighbors were having a party, and had a pig roast in the back yard. Mom said that she felt very sad-looking at it spinning around, and gave the man a mean look. I looked up at mom and said. ” Yo, mom, didn’t you eat some bacon just the other day?” She said  ” yes, Adorabelle. But it did not have a head attached to it”. Sometimes I wonder about my mom. I mean, does she really think that her bacon that she buys from the A&P, comes from a headless pig?! Mother’s…..can’t live with them, can’t spin them on a spit.

By the way…I just noticed that a very dear facebook  friend had a Birthday, and I MISSED it. I just happen to see it , when I went in to check up on her. Stupid facebook did not send me a notice. Although it has been awhile, I feel a need to acknowledge this special day. I’m so sorry that I missed it:(


Another practice video:)

I didn’t get to go riding today. But I had a nice day lounging around outside for a while. Then it got too hot, so mom made us all come inside. She played on her computer, and then she let me make a video with my new movie maker. I had fun with it, but it took way too long to export the video file. I know that sounds all technical and all. But please don’t ask me to explain it. Because I have no idea what this process does, besides copy the movie that I made, and make it easier to upload to my blog. Or so I thought. 5 hours later, I was till waiting for it to finish. It was finally done before mom went to work. But then I had to wait until she came home, so she could help me get it on my blog. Mind you, this is another practice video. I just wanted to let you guys see some of the things I will be able to do with this new movie maker. BTW…I hope that I didn’t leave anyone out. I know that there might be more pics of one dog, and that’s because I HAVE them, and I wanted to use them to practice with. But please remember, it’s only a practice video if I did forget anyone, and in our regular puppy mill video’s, ALL Angels will be in them.

Oh, one more thing…be prepared to spend 13 minutes viewing the video. Yeah, I know it’s a long one. But I was having fun trying some things out. Some pics didn’t need anything special to add to them, so I didn’t. Don’t forget that you can click on the bottom of the video to watch it in full screen. Please forgive me for the music. I have not quite mastered that yet! Soooooooo, here it is!! I hope that you like it:)

A day to relax….

It was one of those days. You know the ones where you just  can’t seem to get motivated? Nobody wanted to get up this morning. When we finally did, mom couldn’t find Bonzai. She went yelling through the house, and all 3 of us followed her. Then she ran into her room, and somehow he snuck back into bed, without mom knowing it, and she saw this lump hanging over the bed. It was a good thing that she found him, because he would have fallen off eventually. She usually has to tuck him in at night so he doesn’t fall out. My Brother….what a goof ball. I will add a few pics to a slide show to show you how we found him. Warning. It is not a pretty sight. My brother has lost some weight in his old age, and he looks like a bag of bones. But don’t let that fool you. He is still eating well:)

The rest of the day we just hung out while mom played around on the computer. Then mom and I took another ride. It looked like rain, and  we decided to cut the ride short, so we only did 10 miles. When we got home, everything was soaking wet. We lucked out, and we missed the rain on our ride. Here are some pics of what we saw on our ride tonight, and I threw in some of last nights ride for you. Plus, I even got some pics of Bonzai hanging off of the bed:)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Nicest Porta Potty eva!!!

It was a great night , riding!!! We met a lot of people at the concert. We go every Wednesday night during the summer( weather permitting , of course) to pass out our cards. We don’t bring the brochures for UAPM, because people are on the beach, and really don’t want to carry around those things! But my cute little cards, they don’t mind so much. We must have passed out at least 50 cards, and had that many people taking my picture. It got a little crazy at one point. Mom started freaking out. She always makes it a point when people ask her if they could take a picture, that they are welcome to take it only of me. That she is not to be in any picture. This is all about ME, not mom.  Most people seem to comply, but there were a few that tried to sneak my mom in, this time, and she just very nicely asked them to ” please delete them”. There is not much else she can do. But for the most part, people were very nice! I met an 8-year-old little girl who asked my mom if she could pet me. My mom said ” of course you can”, and when she did, she told my mom that I felt like a peach! I thought that it was pretty funny, because anyone that knows my mom, knows that she can’t STAND the feel of a peach. She actually will not even touch one. Sometimes there are little people who come to visit us, and when they go to the grocery store with my mom, they love to run after her , just to chase her down with a peach! Anyway, this little girl told my mom in a whisper that she was going to steal me. But she said ” don’t worry, I will keep on spreading awareness about the puppy mills, because I hate them things”. That made mom smile. But she wouldn’t let her steal me.

 OK, so where does the title of my post come in? Well, mom never uses a porta potty. But when we got to the place where we went biking, she had drunk around a half a gallon of water. She really shouldn’t do that, before a big ride. She drinks enough while we ride!  But I guess she was thirsty! So anyway, when we got there, she had to go potty. But she wouldn’t go, until we rode the bike for 7 miles to her favorite porta potty. A favorite porta potty, you say? YES! She LOVES this one porta potty, and she can even bring ME in with her, and it’s the only reason that she uses it!! We took pics for you to see, just so you can see what we mean, by the ” nicest porta potty eva”. The end:)


It’s time to broaden my horizon’s:)

Yes, you heard that right! It’s time for me to stop being afraid to try new things. I mean,  for fudge cake, I’m a dog! If I screw up, who cares?! So last night mom went shopping and bought me home some software for my computer! Can you believe that one! ME!!! My paws were shaking just opening the stupid box! So I chewed it open! Inside was a disc that I put into my computer tower. It took a minute or two to load. When it finally opened on my computer, I was in shockalockadingdong!!! Whoaaaa….what was mom thinking!! There was so much stuff on this thing, my cluelessality was apparent. I didn’t know  where to begin. I tried a little of this , and a little of that. Nothing was working:( I knew that I would be in total thinkdom the rest of the day. Which I was!

Ohhhhhhhh….BTW…the program was for a new movie maker! YES!! Like I didn’t have enough problems with the old one! Which was supposed to be the most “easiest” movie maker there is, as I was told. Which was, the Windows Movie Maker. Nooooooo, mom had to get me an even more elaborate movie maker!! In the past month I have lost a couple of very important videos that I was working on. I spent countless hours on these 2 videos, and I lost them. Just like that! I could have cried. All of that work I did, and nobody even got to see them. Did I mention that they were complete? Oh yes! They were finished. But now they are gone! But you know what? There must be a reason for their loss. I’m hoping that this NEW movie maker, will make us much better videos for UAPM. There are some awesome features on it. But, I gotta tell you right now. It’s  going to take a lot of time to get used to it! But I did play around with it for a bit this afternoon, since it was a dreary day. It was frustrating, but I made a test video. It’s just a bunch of random pics on my computer. Just to try the thing out. So, I thought that I would share it with you. unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it on here:( I have to do some high-tech crap in order to be able to embed it on any sites. I’m going to have BIG trouble in this department! I went to the directions, and I haven’t got a clue what they are talking about:( 


In the mean time, here is another blast from the past. I was on a dog on a mission:

Rainy day, turns sunny☼…Just in time for a night ride, until it rains again:(

So , the day started out rainy, and wasn’t looking too good for a bike ride. So we stayed home and mom worked on something on the computer, while I just napped all day with the rest of the gang. But by 3:00 PM, the sun came out, brighter than ever, and the humidity came back. I saw mom riding across the street on her bike to get air in the tires. THAT was a good sign. I knew that we were heading out for a ride. YAY!!! But then as she got our gear together for a ride, there was a huge black cloud that came behind our house. It was a sure sign that there would be no riding tonight. So, my day was pretty boring!

On day’s like today, I  I thought that I would pull out some of my old videos that many of you probably haven’t seen, and add them to my blog. A lot of them are before I started my project with UAPM. So they are just videos, with music. I hope they can entertain you:) This one is of me on the beach with mom. If you notice, I love to run free, but I don’t want to run too far from mom. I like to have her near me all the time. I’m not sure why. I think that I just feel safe with her:)



A Waggle Wear Fashion Show

Today was a such a rainy day, we didn’t get to do much. So mom cleaned the house, and then I heard her saying something about taking pictures of “the dogs” wearing Miss Cathy’s T-shirts. The ones that she made for Stoli , Marteenie, and Bonzai , and gave to mom when mom and her met for dinner that one night. But moms camera has been actiong funny lately, so she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. But then she didn’t feel like cleaning anymore, so she decided to set up the stage, and have one of her photo shoots. But this time, for some reason, she decided to just put Stoli and Marteenie up on the stage. Then when I saw her put Bonzai up there, well that just ticked me off. I was not having that, at all!!! I cried and made sucha fuss. But mom said that I was too wet from being out in the rain, that she said we could do it another time with me. But I wouldn’t give in. So mom finally caved. I showed her that I could look just as pretty with wet hair, in Marteenies shirt, AND Bonzai’s bandana that Miss Cathy made, no matter how much I wasn’t ready for it, and no matter how fuzzy the pics came out from moms crappy camera. As you can see for yourself, I DO make the best model.  

Stoli and MarteenieStoliBonzai

Seeeeeeeeeee...I don't even have to be wearing a thing and I look cute:P

I do look cute , huh?

 If you like anything you see that we are wearing, you can buy them at!/WaggleWear?sk=app_219278574761615 and there are lot’s more material to choose from.  Miss Cathy will custom make you a scarf, t-shirt, or PJs, in no time at all. She is a Ninja when it comes to making her stuff. We just LOVE em!!!

Needle in my Hiney

I guess that my title say’s it all:) You can watch the video to see see what my day was like. But before this, I had a nice afternoon with mom. We went riding, and met some nice people. We didn’t ride too long, because we had an appointment:(

Other than losing the new video that I spent a gazzillion hours working on, the day was pretty good. I come to find out that when my computer tells me to upgrade something, DON’T!!! Ever since I upgraded to the new version of movie maker, a few months ago, I have lost 2 movies that I worked on for the summer, not including the one I spent several hours on , early this morning. You can tell by the quality of this video , the new movie maker SUCKs!! It doesn’t let me cut a picture short. If you don’t constantly hit the save button, and the movie maker decides to just SHUT DOWN, your screwed!!! This is very frustrating. But I am keeping my cool, and hoping that with time, and making these little video blogs, every now and then. Sooner or later I may learn how the freaking thing WORKS!!

Friday 8-12-11

Today was a nice day. It wasn’t too humid, and we all got our walks in. Mom takes us one at a time for our walks. By the time she is done, half the day is shot, so she couldn’t take me for a ride. Because she works on Friday nights:( But after MY walk today, she took ME somewhere special. It was a very exciting day. But I can’t tell you why, just yet:P Stay tuned;)

I was wondering if there were any South Park fans in the house? Because I had a thought the other day. Click on the picture to read.

I found a new home to blog:)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I found a new blog site. I’m not sure how good it is. But it looks a lot easier than the other stupid one I tried to use before. So, now you can look forward to my silly blog updates:)

Today I went riding to check out the carnival in another town. Janie loved my carnival video so much last year, that she keeps asking for another one. So that’s what I think mom and I will b e working on this weekend. But first we have to sneak in the carnival to get some pics. Because there are signs all over,  ‘ NO DOG’s’ . Don’t worry, my mom and I will find a way;) In the mean time, I was looking through some old videos and I found the first video that mom made with me on the bike. I thought I would  post it here. Just to show you how far she has come, in her filming of my bike rides.  FYI, my mom does  this video shooting  all while riding a bike with one hand. Not as easy as it seems, considering that she has 10 pounds of me sitting in front of her, cars to dodge, along with other road hazards, you gotta give her some credit. She may be not be no M. Night Shyamalan, but I think she does OK:)