BUSTED……well, almost!!!

by adorabellesworld

At least it didn’t rain, today. But we couldn’t go for a long walk, because there are so many bugs out. We get eaten alive out there! We couldn’t go bike riding, because the ground was still a little wet, and the leaves on the ground from the storm makes for a dangerous ride:( So I stayed home and got a bath! It felt good. Because I had a really bad hair day today. SO bad, that a police officer tried to arrest me. Can you imagine that? But I just gave him that LOOK. You know the one I give to mom when I do something wrong? THAT one! It works, every time;)

I spent the rest of the afternoon napping. Then I started working on my big project. For those of you who don’t know. I have something planned to try to get more people on board of our awareness campaign. Let’s just say that I’m keeping my paws crossed. Because this is about all that I have left in this thinking cap of mine. SO, in case any of you were thinking of what you can get me for Christmas. A new thinking cap would be very appreciated:)

I was thinking about posting this new ‘project’ on the fanpage, any day now. I’m just a little nervous:( But I have a hint for you, and I will post it on the fanpage. Just to keep you guessing;)

OK….that’s all I have for you tonight. I should have saved the name of last nights blog, for this one!! Oh well……