A short blog is better than none?

by adorabellesworld

Who know’s? I was told that I should blog, and be consistent, so here I am! I respect the person who suggested that I do this, and hope that it will help us in the end. I am trying to do a daily diary. But there are some days’ (like today) when I don’t leave the house, where it becomes a chore to find something interesting to talk to you about. SO, I figure on day’s like today, a short blog is better than none? You tell me! You can be honest on your comments. I can take it:P

OK…so, today. Leeeeeet’s seeeeeee. What happened? Welllllll, since we got the new AC put in last night, we all slept in, until NIIIIINE THIRTY!!! THAT is a record for my mom, AND for me! But it was so cold in the room, and it felt like a walk-in box at a restaurant. So none of us wanted to get out of the warm bed. BTW…we have a king size heated water-bed. Which is a good thing! We need the room! With all of us fur, and fur-lesskids, it can get quite crowded in even a queen sized bed. I know this, because that’s what the 5 of us slept on at my Aunts house, when we left for shelter from the hurricane. It was a bit tight. But we did just fine:)

 Ohhhhh!!! Now that’s something I can talk about. My sister, Stoli. You know. She is one of the two dogs that mom adopted this past Mother’s Day. Well, she had been working with a trainer with Stoli, because she has dog “aggression issues”. Not mom,  Stoli.  It’s really weird , too. Because when she came into our house, she loved all of us. She never once yelled at us, as she does other dogs. But the trainer told my mom that she was doing very good with her, and that she didn’t see the point in having anymore lessons. So mom has just been working with her by herself. When we went to my aunt’s house, mom knew that there might be trouble. Because they have a really sweet dog  (and my cousin), whose name is Oofata Mae. My uncle comes from Minnesota, and that is an expression that they use a lot out there. So that is the name they picked for their puppy, when they got her from the breeder in Minnesota on one of their family vacations, 6 years ago. We call her Mae for short. She is a sweet yellow lab, that is scared of her own shadow. I think that I can even take her, if I had to. But I love her:)

 OK….so when we got to my aunt’s house , we all got out of the car. My cousins all came and helped my mom carry us in the house. Mae was on the side of the house. My mom took Stoli outside from the house,  on the leash,  and tried to introduce her. But all of the training that my mom did with her, seemed to mean nothing to Stoli. Although she wasn’t half as bad as she was when mom first started her training. She still was pretty bad. This was the first time that my aunt and uncle met our 2 new family members. My uncle came around the house and Stoli was screaming and carrying on, and my mom looked at him and said ” SHE IS DOING REALLLY GOOD. MUUUUCH BETTER THAN WHEN I FIRST GOT HER” My uncle looked at my mom like she had 3 heads. But that is normal. A lot of people look at mom that way. But my uncle took the leash from my moms hand, and said, “give me her”. Stoli looked at my mom, as he took her around the other side of the house, and she kept turning back and looking for my mom. Mom looked so sad. But she stood and watched from a distance,  as my uncle introduce Stoli in a different way. From bringing her in from the front of the house, near our car, to the dog (Mae), who was chained outside.  We all watched, and in a matter of minutes, my Uncles had them nose-to-nose, and not a peep from Stoli. My mom almost cried, and called my uncle some kind of dog whisperer. I think it was a ” f***ing dog whisperer”. But I can’t be sure. I’ll have to get back at ya with that one. But from that moment on, for the next 4 days, everyone was like one big happy family:) 

OK…that is my short blog. I will add some pics of our time at my aunts, so you can see Stoli and Mae together. You will also see pics of our ride up to the moutains to escape the hurricane. I took the pics, so there not the best It’s pretty hard to click that little thing on the top of the camera, when you don’t have any fingers:)

The End:P

Heyyyyyyy….this really isn’t a short blog after all, is it?!

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