What a day….

by adorabellesworld

It rained all day today, so no walks for us. Forget about the bike! Looks like we might get a ride in on the weekend, if we are lucky. But the weather doesn’t look too promising for the whole week. I hate to say it, but summer is over. waaahhhhh:(

Mom took me shopping with her today. We went to the pet store and got food and toys. There weren’t many people in there, so I only was admired by a few shoppers . That’s OK. Sometimes it’s nice to go in the store and not have people running up to me, as if I was some sort of star. I know how  Copernicus must have felt!!

Then we went to Sears, because mom wanted to get an air conditioner. Being that it’s the end of the season, she wasn’t sure that she could find any. We went up stairs and saw that they had a display. Mom stopped and looked at the measurements on the box, and B-I-N-G-O! It was just what she wanted. So she stood in line, while the little man (only register around) explained to the little old woman how her new washer was going to be delivered. Mom knew that it sounded like it was going to take long, so we wandered over to the TV section, because she wants to buy one for a gift for someone. B-I-N-G-O,  She saw the perfect one!! So we went looking for someone in that department to help us. But we couldn’t find anyone. Mom yelled ” Does anybody work in this store”, and all I heard were crickets. They really need to get an exterminator in that store! Anyway, mom gave up and walked back over to the little old man , who was STILL talking with the old lady. But now he was telling her about his (sump pump?) and how he was happy that he had that for the last storm, blah blah blah. Mom stood there with a look on her face that I never saw before, and I think her head spun around once, but I can’t be 100% sure, because I had to go potty. When I have to go potty, I have a tendency to hallucinate. Anyway, the old guy could sense that my mom was irritated and he said ” I’m going to be busy here for a while, you better go find another sales person.” Well, my mom had a phone in her hand that she was about to purchase, with her AIR Conditioner, AND , TV!!  Had someone waited on her!!! but instead she threw the phone on a very short bed that was in the isle (It was a good thing that the little old man ducked (joking!!! Mom would never throw something at anyone) , and we left the store. If I didn’t have to go potty, she would have spoke to the store manager. But I was letting out some very disgusting odor from my butt ( mental note….no more Milo’s Kitchen, Chicken Meatballs, for me) and my mom was afraid that people were going to think that it was her, so we left.

So after that, mom needed to relax, so she went to the tanning salon, so she could lay in that silly bed with all of the pretty lights. 10 minutes in that thing, she was a new woman. We left all happy and decided to stop on by the Home depot to see if they had any air conditioners. So we get a basket, and pick up a few things, then we went searching for the AC’s. A young woman stopped my mom and offered her a coupon that she wasn’t going to use, for 10% off of anything in the store. It was a Lawes coupon, but she told my mom that they honor them at Home Depot. My mom thanked the young lady and was very surprised! Because for years my mom always gives people coupons, and never ONCE did anyone ever offer her one. This was a good sign, or so we thought.

 We found only 2 in boxes of Air conditioners in the back. Mom asked a man if these were the only AC’s in the store, and he went to get another man to help her. The other man came out from the back. A nice gentleman. Wearing jeans and a white shirt. He said, “yes, these are the last ones in the store”. They were  on sale for $199.00, but he  said ” I will give you another $50.00 off  if you want them”. My mom was very surprised. Because she thought that they were a bargain for the $199! PLUS she had her coupon!!! So, my mom had him open the box and measure it, and then she found out it was a perfect size, so she told him that she would take the one. He taped it back up and placed it in her basket. He said that ” I will walk with you to the front to make sure that you get another $50.00 off”. They chatted on the way to the front, and when we got to the register the man told the floor manager in the front that ” I want you to take off another $50.00 off of this AC”. The man said, ” NO, why would I do that?”  He said, ” Because I said so”. The other guy said ” well I don’t even have a register, so you will have to find someone else”. He continued to walk us to the next line, where a little old man was at the register. The little old man smiled at my mom, and then the man who was with us told him that he was to take $50.00 more off of the sale price. The old man said ” NO, I am not going to do that”. The man who was with us said, ” YES, you are going to do that”, and the old register man said ” WHY would I do that”, and the man who was with us said ” Because I said so, and because it’s good customer relations”. The old man proceeded to take the $50.00 off, and then the man who walked with us told us to have a nice day. When he walked away, the little old man at the register said ” who was that guy?”, and mom said ” How do I know!  He works in the back” and mom looked at the old man and said, ” OH, I almost forgot, I have this 10% coupon.” Well, the little old register man could not get the coupon to work, and he got all frustrated and shut off his light and told other people to pick another line because he was going to be awhile with this one, and he left me and mom standing there. A few minutes passed, and he returned with a manager. The manager looked at my mom and looked at the coupon and said ” It’s not working, because you are trying to double dip us”. Wellllllll, if my mom’s head didn’t spin around in Sears, I KNOW I saw it spin around that moment when he said THAT!!! My mom had a few choice words with the two men at the register, and they knew that she was mad. 

The story ends with mom and I walking out the store with the air conditioner, WITH the $50.00 off of the $199.00, PLUS the 10% coupon.  My mom told me that she will never go into Sears or Home Depot again. She seemed pretty serious. I heard her on the phone with some manager at Sears when we got home, and I think that she was going to speak with the manager at Home Depot to tell him her disappointment at the way that they treated her at the register. But when telling her story about Home Depot to someone, they suggested that maybe the guy who brought mom to the register to take the extra $50.00 off, didn’t even work there! They said that maybe she should just leave well enough alone. But mom didn’t believe that. She said, what would some stranger get from doing something like that?! Why would they do that??!!! The person looked at my mom and said ” because it’s YOU. These things can ony happen to YOU”. But my mom was not buying that. Yes, weird crap always is happening to her. But this was just waaaaaay too weird!!!

Who WAS that man with the white hair and glasses at home depot?………….. Maybe it was Santa:)