Another stellar night for awareness!!!

by adorabellesworld

It was a nice night for a bike ride, and being that summer is winding down, we have to get out there , as much as possible! It was concert night on the beach, and as you know , we like to hit places that have a lot of people around. So we rode for a while, until we came upon the beach with the stage. There are 3 parking lots that people use to go to the concert. When one fills up, the police direct them to the next. So we always take a ride around each parking lot, in hopes to get people’s attention. This was a great night for that! We got stopped by so many people, that mom didn’t have a chance to get any pictures. It was like the last time. She is so busy making sure that nobody takes a pic with her in it, that she doesn’t get a chance to get any , herself. But boy did they take pictures tonight! There were a bunch of women who just fell in love with me. They were just loving me so much, that the one blonde lady wanted to take me home with her. She seemed like a really nice lady, and I’m sure that she would have spoiled me to death! But I can’t leave my mom. I would break her heart! There was another little girl who wanted me tonight, too! She told her mom ” I want her!”, and my mom just laughed it off. But then the little girl said (really mean like) ” I WANT HER MOM”. Then her mother said , I don’t think Adorabelles mom will give her to you. But the little girl got even more angry. The mother then told my mom, ” She always’ get’s whatever she wants. She is not used to, NOT getting what she wants”. Mom said ” well she’s gonna start to get used to it tonight”! Then the lady gave mom a really mean look and grabbed her daughters arm, and walked away. Do you think that the woman actually thought that mom was going to hand me over to her daughter?! What is wrong with people?!

Then we rode up to the entrance to the concert and mom got off of our bike and stood there. When people looked interested, she would hand her one of my cards, and give them a little FYI, about me. A man walked by and said ” Those are some nice headlights, lady”. Mom looked at him and said ” Wow….now that was a  rude” ( You see, mom has to be nice. She has to be careful because we are representing UAPM), anyway the guy came back and walked over to my mom and said ” I was talking about your dogs goggles, and he winked at her. Mom felt a little foolish, and that’s when she decided to put on her little jacket, and call it a night. We will never know what he really meant by that:)

We didn’t get many good pics tonight, so I only have a few. You can see that I had to wear a shirt that mom had in the basket tonight, because it was very windy, and mom didn’t want me to get a chill. You can also see that mom has got to get a new camera, SOON! This one has seen better days!!

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