A turtle and a monster

by adorabellesworld

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny, 79, no humidity, and just the best biking weather, ever!! So that’s exactly what mom and I did! We biked…all day!!! We met some really nice people, who we stopped to talk to. Mom can sense who seems approachable, and she will also stop for the people who carry on about how cute I look, too:) There was a really nice family taking a bike ride , and we stopped to see them because they looked interested in meeting, me! We all had a nice talk, and mom reminded them what puppy mills were all about, and she even told them some things that I don’t think that they were aware of. I was happy to find out that they got their dogs from a breeder:)

BTW…I want everyone to know that I don’t care if people bought their dogs from a pet store in the past. I don’t even care if they bought one last week from a pet store, if they didn’t know any better. We can’t blame them, if they didn’t know about puppy mills. I know that a lot of people have heard about them, but never really were interested enough to find out about them. Not because they don’t care. But because they don’t have time, or they are just so wrapped up with their own life, that they just don’t think about it.

I digress. Anyway,  after we spoke with this nice family, we finished our ride by going 10 more miles into the woods. It was such a pretty day, we were surprised that we didn’t see one person riding that back wooded trail. Even though it’s a beautiful ride, it gets scary sometimes when your alone. So mom just turns her ipod up. That seems to fix her. If she doesn’t hear the weird noises, she’s cool. But she forgets that ‘I’m’ still hearing all of the weird scary noises in the woods, and I have to keep looking back at her to see if she is still with me. Just in case the monsters steal her off of the bike and replace her with one of their kind. On our way back , we stopped on this really cool bridge, in the middle of the woods, because there was a turtle walking by. It looked like the same one that we saw that other time. Remember? The one that mom thought was the same one that she saved last year from the middle of a busy street? Well, it sure looked like it. But we were miles and miles from the other park, that it just couldn’t be the same turtle! I tried to tell mom to just get on the bike so we can get out of this scary woods, but she got off of her bike and took some pics of the Turtle. While she was taking pics of the turtle, she had the bike leaning up against the Bridge, and the thing fell down, with ME IN IT!!! Good think I was harnessed in!! So now I was on the bridge, in the middle of the woods, and my basket was off of the bike, and everything that was in the basket was all over the bridge!! So mom had to hurry and gather everything up, and put it in the basket, and try to get the basket attached to the bike, before the monsters came to eat us. I had to stand on the bridge with the turtle, until she got the basket back on the bike. I was not happy!  Mom said that she would never do that again!! Stop to take a pic of a turtle in the middle of nowhere, that is! But everything worked out in the end. We had a nice ride, mom got her pic, and me and mom didn’t get eaten by any monsters:)

 When we got back to the car, mom received several phone calls asking if she was OK. Nobody was surprised to hear that mom was clueless that there was an earthquake in the area, when they talked to her. They told her that phones were down, and Ragu sauce fell off the grocery store shelves, by her sisters. Her nieces pot of boiling water shook to the floor, and several people back in my city felt their chairs shaking in their homes etc. HEYYYYYY, maybe that’s why I fell on the bridge. Maybe it wasn’t because mom was careless. The earthquake must have did it!! I feel much better now. Mom would NEVER put me in a dangerous situation like that! I should have known:)