I want to make you smile:):):)

by adorabellesworld

My day started out rather slow. Mom gave all of us baths, and then she took Stoli for her walk, and then came back and got me to go for a ride on the bike. We only went 15 miles today, because mom had other things to do. We did meet up with a nice young girl and her mom. They LOVED my goggles and thought that I was the cutest thing ever! The girls mom said that not much makes her speechless, but looking at me, did. She bent down and gave me a kiss, and my mom handed the young girl a card. She told them about my mission, and about the fanpage, and the young girl said that she would look me up.We met up with some other nice people, who we handed cards to. Everyone took pics of me, and walked off smiling. Mom likes that I have the ability to make a person with a sour face, all of a sudden light up, when they see me. I guess I am pretty cute:)

So, I said that I wanted to make you smile, and that’s what I’m here to do. I saw this video in my feed today, and although it has nothing to do with puppy mills, or dogs for that matter, it does have something to do about an animals freedom. I hope that you like it, and I hope that it makes you smile:)