It’s still summer, ya know!!!

by adorabellesworld

I was very mad today. I saw another dog left in a car. But the owners came out, right in time. Mom was going to call the police on them. She does that whenever she sees a dog in a car on a hot day. No matter if it looks like the dog is in distress , or not!  She won’t wait for it to get to that point. If it’s too hot for her to sit in the car for a few minutes without AC on, then it’s too hot for a dog. Hey…I’m a hairless dog, and by the time that mom puts me in the car, and walks to the other side to get in, I will be panting. And she even reaches over me to start the car and turn the AC on, after she buckles me in, before she even gets in it herself!!! So just imagine how my friends with fur feel!! Mom and I just don’t understand how people can do this to their dogs. We realize that a lot of people really DO love their dogs so much that they want them with them all the time!! Heck, mom feels the same way!! But they need to know the harm that they are doing to these precious creatures that they love so much! I think before every potential dog owner gets a dog, they need to educate themselves. Yeahhhh, like THAT is ever going to be a law. Let’s face it. There are humans who don’t even know how to take care of their kids! But  there is no law keeping them from pumping more of them out! 

 Heck, we met a woman on one of our walks last week who just got her very first dog, and asked mom what she should feed it!!! I was very scared. I thought that my mom’s head was going to POP right off!!! She asked how long she had the dog. The woman said 3 weeks. My mom asked her what she was feeding it. She said Pop Tarts. My mom said  ” are you %@#@#@ kidding me lady?!!! Mom said ” get you’re a** in the car now and go to PETCO, or PETSMART (which are 5 minutes away) and get your dog some dog food!! BTW…the dog was a German Shepard…living on POP TARTS for the past 3 weeks!!! ughhh…people!!!



 Anyway, after we came home I thought about all of the poor dogs that suffer, get brain damage, and die from being left in hot cars , and I got very upset. So I called my friend, Officer Larry, and I asked him if he would make a public announcement on my behalf, and this is what he did for me: