What a pig!!!

by adorabellesworld

Today was a hot day, again! I didn’t get a bike ride in, because mom hurt her back. She should be good for a ride tomorrow night, if it doesn’t rain. So instead of riding, we went for a little walk , and much to our surprise, we saw a pig! A really sad one. The neighbors were having a party, and had a pig roast in the back yard. Mom said that she felt very sad-looking at it spinning around, and gave the man a mean look. I looked up at mom and said. ” Yo, mom, didn’t you eat some bacon just the other day?” She said  ” yes, Adorabelle. But it did not have a head attached to it”. Sometimes I wonder about my mom. I mean, does she really think that her bacon that she buys from the A&P, comes from a headless pig?! Mother’s…..can’t live with them, can’t spin them on a spit.

By the way…I just noticed that a very dear facebook  friend had a Birthday, and I MISSED it. I just happen to see it , when I went in to check up on her. Stupid facebook did not send me a notice. Although it has been awhile, I feel a need to acknowledge this special day. I’m so sorry that I missed it:(