Another practice video:)

by adorabellesworld

I didn’t get to go riding today. But I had a nice day lounging around outside for a while. Then it got too hot, so mom made us all come inside. She played on her computer, and then she let me make a video with my new movie maker. I had fun with it, but it took way too long to export the video file. I know that sounds all technical and all. But please don’t ask me to explain it. Because I have no idea what this process does, besides copy the movie that I made, and make it easier to upload to my blog. Or so I thought. 5 hours later, I was till waiting for it to finish. It was finally done before mom went to work. But then I had to wait until she came home, so she could help me get it on my blog. Mind you, this is another practice video. I just wanted to let you guys see some of the things I will be able to do with this new movie maker. BTW…I hope that I didn’t leave anyone out. I know that there might be more pics of one dog, and that’s because I HAVE them, and I wanted to use them to practice with. But please remember, it’s only a practice video if I did forget anyone, and in our regular puppy mill video’s, ALL Angels will be in them.

Oh, one more thing…be prepared to spend 13 minutes viewing the video. Yeah, I know it’s a long one. But I was having fun trying some things out. Some pics didn’t need anything special to add to them, so I didn’t. Don’t forget that you can click on the bottom of the video to watch it in full screen. Please forgive me for the music. I have not quite mastered that yet! Soooooooo, here it is!! I hope that you like it:)