The Nicest Porta Potty eva!!!

by adorabellesworld

It was a great night , riding!!! We met a lot of people at the concert. We go every Wednesday night during the summer( weather permitting , of course) to pass out our cards. We don’t bring the brochures for UAPM, because people are on the beach, and really don’t want to carry around those things! But my cute little cards, they don’t mind so much. We must have passed out at least 50 cards, and had that many people taking my picture. It got a little crazy at one point. Mom started freaking out. She always makes it a point when people ask her if they could take a picture, that they are welcome to take it only of me. That she is not to be in any picture. This is all about ME, not mom.  Most people seem to comply, but there were a few that tried to sneak my mom in, this time, and she just very nicely asked them to ” please delete them”. There is not much else she can do. But for the most part, people were very nice! I met an 8-year-old little girl who asked my mom if she could pet me. My mom said ” of course you can”, and when she did, she told my mom that I felt like a peach! I thought that it was pretty funny, because anyone that knows my mom, knows that she can’t STAND the feel of a peach. She actually will not even touch one. Sometimes there are little people who come to visit us, and when they go to the grocery store with my mom, they love to run after her , just to chase her down with a peach! Anyway, this little girl told my mom in a whisper that she was going to steal me. But she said ” don’t worry, I will keep on spreading awareness about the puppy mills, because I hate them things”. That made mom smile. But she wouldn’t let her steal me.

 OK, so where does the title of my post come in? Well, mom never uses a porta potty. But when we got to the place where we went biking, she had drunk around a half a gallon of water. She really shouldn’t do that, before a big ride. She drinks enough while we ride!  But I guess she was thirsty! So anyway, when we got there, she had to go potty. But she wouldn’t go, until we rode the bike for 7 miles to her favorite porta potty. A favorite porta potty, you say? YES! She LOVES this one porta potty, and she can even bring ME in with her, and it’s the only reason that she uses it!! We took pics for you to see, just so you can see what we mean, by the ” nicest porta potty eva”. The end:)