Rainy day, turns sunny☼…Just in time for a night ride, until it rains again:(

by adorabellesworld

So , the day started out rainy, and wasn’t looking too good for a bike ride. So we stayed home and mom worked on something on the computer, while I just napped all day with the rest of the gang. But by 3:00 PM, the sun came out, brighter than ever, and the humidity came back. I saw mom riding across the street on her bike to get air in the tires. THAT was a good sign. I knew that we were heading out for a ride. YAY!!! But then as she got our gear together for a ride, there was a huge black cloud that came behind our house. It was a sure sign that there would be no riding tonight. So, my day was pretty boring!

On day’s like today, I  I thought that I would pull out some of my old videos that many of you probably haven’t seen, and add them to my blog. A lot of them are before I started my project with UAPM. So they are just videos, with music. I hope they can entertain you:) This one is of me on the beach with mom. If you notice, I love to run free, but I don’t want to run too far from mom. I like to have her near me all the time. I’m not sure why. I think that I just feel safe with her:)