It’s time to broaden my horizon’s:)

by adorabellesworld

Yes, you heard that right! It’s time for me to stop being afraid to try new things. I mean,  for fudge cake, I’m a dog! If I screw up, who cares?! So last night mom went shopping and bought me home some software for my computer! Can you believe that one! ME!!! My paws were shaking just opening the stupid box! So I chewed it open! Inside was a disc that I put into my computer tower. It took a minute or two to load. When it finally opened on my computer, I was in shockalockadingdong!!! Whoaaaa….what was mom thinking!! There was so much stuff on this thing, my cluelessality was apparent. I didn’t know  where to begin. I tried a little of this , and a little of that. Nothing was working:( I knew that I would be in total thinkdom the rest of the day. Which I was!

Ohhhhhhhh….BTW…the program was for a new movie maker! YES!! Like I didn’t have enough problems with the old one! Which was supposed to be the most “easiest” movie maker there is, as I was told. Which was, the Windows Movie Maker. Nooooooo, mom had to get me an even more elaborate movie maker!! In the past month I have lost a couple of very important videos that I was working on. I spent countless hours on these 2 videos, and I lost them. Just like that! I could have cried. All of that work I did, and nobody even got to see them. Did I mention that they were complete? Oh yes! They were finished. But now they are gone! But you know what? There must be a reason for their loss. I’m hoping that this NEW movie maker, will make us much better videos for UAPM. There are some awesome features on it. But, I gotta tell you right now. It’s  going to take a lot of time to get used to it! But I did play around with it for a bit this afternoon, since it was a dreary day. It was frustrating, but I made a test video. It’s just a bunch of random pics on my computer. Just to try the thing out. So, I thought that I would share it with you. unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it on here:( I have to do some high-tech crap in order to be able to embed it on any sites. I’m going to have BIG trouble in this department! I went to the directions, and I haven’t got a clue what they are talking about:( 


In the mean time, here is another blast from the past. I was on a dog on a mission: